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Taking Cloud Services to the Next Level

"The Cloud." Sounds nebulous, doesn't it? (sorry, we couldn't resist) Put simply, "the cloud" is probably the most exciting advancement to come along for business owners in a generation. It's more than just another type of technology, it's a cost-effective, safe, and feature-rich way to augment your business' technology - and increase productivity. We partner with Microsoft Azure to provide a majority of our cloud services.

  • When polled about the major benefits of cloud computing, 47% of companies said it allowed them to be more productive.

  • 40% said that it allowed them to be far more flexible than ever before.

  • Over 10 terabytes of data are effortlessly backed up and securely stored on our cloud platform.

  • The best part? The Cloud can let you work from ANYWHERE. Including your couch, in your pajamas if you wish.


With the Cloud

Put 21st Century Technology to Work for YOU

Regardless of the type of business you're running or even the industry that you're operating in, it's clear that cloud computing checks a lot of pretty critical boxes - essentially all at the same time. For starters, it's an unbeatable opportunity for organizations like yours to enjoy tremendous cost-savings almost immediately. Instead of being forced to pay massive sums of money up-front to find the latest technological assets, install them, and train people to use them and maintain them over the long haul... you get access to everything you need in a scalable, agile way. And you get it for one fixed, predictable monthly cost.

With a Cloud Server, all of the downsides that come with maintaining your own in-house environment vanish in an instant. Factors like cybersecurity, proactive monitoring and maintenance, upgrades, and disaster recovery all disappear – because we’re taking care of it for you. Guaranteed.

The end result is a symphony of productivity and mobility. You and your team get to spend your time focusing on your business, instead of worrying if your technology is going to work right that day. Since you’re using The Computer Butler’s cloud now, you also get to work from anywhere.


Unbeatable Features for Unparalleled Success

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"Five Nines"

We partner with Microsoft Azure to ensure the highest possible availability of our services. This means 99.999% up-time ("five nines"), guaranteed. In terms of reliability, you should also know that we have never lost a single kilobyte of client data. 

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Anywhere, Anytime

Using our cloud servers and cloud services, you (and your boss/employees) can work anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. Wanna go on vacation to Paris, but be able to work if you need to? We've got you covered. 

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Cloud IT Support

Our cloud servers and services are not only backed by Microsoft Azure's enterprise-class infrastructure, they're also backed by a team of Microsoft Certified technicians who are ready to address any issue or question, 24/7. 

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