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Nashville, Tennessee

Keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know

By Chris Butler / January 17, 2020 /

Some Mac users have been using their devices for years without learning many of the most useful keyboard shortcuts. That’s fine, but knowing these shortcuts would definitely make life much easier. Here are some of the most useful ones you should learn now. Minimizing (or “Docking”) the front app window: Command + M Use this…

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Firefox Vulnerability

By Chris Butler / January 16, 2020 /

In a never ending effort to keep our clients aware of known and potential cyber-threats that could impact the privacy, security, and vulnerability of your critical information and data, we wanted to alert you to a recent flaw discovered in the Mozilla Foxfire web browser. Mozilla Foundation released a security advisory to address a critical…

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How to set up secure guest Wi-Fi

By Chris Butler / January 15, 2020 /

Today, Wi-Fi isn’t only crucial for your employees to get work done; it’s also a necessary amenity for your office guests. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to set up guest Wi-Fi, and the latter can result in a frustrating experience for you and your users. So, how do you set up…

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Windows 7 Is Officially Retired!

By Chris Butler / January 14, 2020 /

Today (January 14, 2020), Microsoft ended extended support for the Windows 7 operating system. This means no new security updates or patches will be released, leaving anyone still using Windows 7 vulnerable to potential malware infections, hacking, and general system instability. Many companies (usually larger ones) are still using this 9-year-old system. If you haven’t…

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Why O365 and Surface are perfect together

By Chris Butler / January 10, 2020 /

Surface is comprised of Microsoft’s top-of-the-line laptops and tablets built with touchscreen capabilities, allowing them to integrate with Office 365 in even more efficient ways than previously possible. Here’s what to look forward to. Audio transcription in Word This new feature allows audio files to be uploaded into Word, which will then be broken down…

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Do you need identity and access management?

By Chris Butler / January 6, 2020 /

To defend against cyberthreats, businesses often implement strong antivirus software and firewalls — but both these solutions are not enough. A cutting-edge identity and access management (IAM) solution is crucial to protecting your digital assets from hackers, rogue employees, and weak passwords. What is IAM? Identity and access management is a system that secures, stores,…

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Easily sign in with Windows Hello

By Chris Butler / January 3, 2020 /

Microsoft has introduced a convenient and personal way to sign in to your Windows 10 devices. With Windows Hello, you can now log in with just a look or a touch. This features also comes with enterprise-grade security without having to type in a password. Say hello to fingerprint, iris, and facial scans Windows Hello…

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Data security: Prevent insider threats

By Chris Butler / January 1, 2020 /

In the healthcare industry, 58% of security incidents begin with an inappropriate action carried out by someone within the affected organization. Although the percentage isn’t as high among other industries, it’s still something you can’t afford to ignore. Here’s a look at five ways to prevent such breaches. #1 Educate You must teach your team…

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Save on printing costs with these 5 tips

By Chris Butler / December 27, 2019 /

Managing your print infrastructure efficiently is a quick and easy way to minimize your IT budget. Many small and large enterprises don’t realize that they are using ineffective printing models, but you won’t be one of them if you follow these tips. Replace outdated printers Your outdated and cheap printers may meet the absolute minimum…

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Office 365 add-ons that boost productivity

By Chris Butler / December 23, 2019 /

Microsoft’s Office 365 has made everyday business operations more efficient with programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook. As if that’s not enough, it also offers these add-ons that streamline users’ workflow. #1. Teams Teams is ideal for organizations that collaborate frequently. It’s an instant messaging and document-sharing platform which seamlessly integrates with Office…

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